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Weed Weviews: 4 Things I Tried in September

I tried a few canned beverages, some THC drops, and a charming THC sugar cube.

Welcome to Weed Weviews, a verbal foible that’s become the very real name of this monthly column. Think of it like our Doin’ Beers series, but for weed. This month I tried some canned beverages, some THC drops, and charming THC sugar cubes. Alright, let's do this!

Fizzy THC’s Fizzy Cubes

About: This brand makes a variety of on-the-go THC products, including mints, gummies, and drink tablets. Despite their name, not all the products fizz. I learned this the (hard? sad? flat?) way when I tried their mints awhile back.  

Where I got it: I had these buddies delivered from Hemp House for $24.99.

Flavor: The cubes aren’t really big enough to sweeten your drink, but that’s kinda the point. You just drop them into whatever you whatever you want—coffee, a cocktail, chamomile tea, beer, etc.—and you’re good to go. I added mine to my off-brand sparkling water a few times.  

Blast-off time: About 10 minutes. This was the first time consuming an edible THC product has hit me as fast as smoking weed or consuming alcohol.

Experience: These are fuuuuun! Dropping them into a drink and watching them dissolve is a delightful bit of ASMR and a fun novelty when sharing with friends.  

These are easy to use on the go, and only 2.5 mg each, so you can err on the side of microdosing or build up to a stronger drink depending on your mood. 

Stoneover? No.

Day Block’s Entourage Blueberry Hemp Seltzer

About: This Washington Avenue brewpub, restaurant, and bar hosts live music on the patio, is a stone’s throw away from U.S. Bank Stadium (they do a lot of Vikings pre-gaming), and has happy hour deals every day of the week except Saturday. They also recently added yet another offering to their menu: THC bevvies.

Where I got it: From the source, man. 

Flavor: I found the blueberry hemp flavor to be delicately pleasant. While some THC bubblies hit you over the head with the taste, this drink was more of a whisper. The blueberry was there, but it was more in the scent (or the “bouquet,” if we’re using wine language). The flavor was a light floral—maybe lavender? It was pretty easy to drink and not overwhelming. 

Blast-off time: About 30 minutes.

Experience: Classic buzz, perhaps a little on the stronger side. I felt relaxed. I took a nice walk. Mission accomplished!

Stoneover? Naw.

Superior Molecular’s Sota Drops

About: This Minnesota company has been making THC and CBD products since 2017. From their site: “We take tremendous pride in the value we bring our customers and business associates to help their visions come to life.” No one wants my visions coming to life, but I appreciate the bold claim! 

Where I got it: From Hemp House again. But you can also order from their website and it’s insanely cheap: $6.60 for a 10 serving vial. 

Flavor: There’s none. It’s just a tube of liquid weed. 

Blast-off time: About 10 minutes. Wow, another fast-acting option!

Experience: There are some pros and cons with this product. When I first opened it, I panicked that the twist-off lid couldn’t be used to close the vial off again, meaning it would be freeballing it until my next use. I was relieved to find that when you turn the lid over, it does in fact become a stopper. (Kinda like a tiny tube of glue.) But don’t even think about putting it in a purse or traveling with it after opening, as it’s not a tight seal.

The dosing is also kinda tricky to figure out. There are handy measuring marks on the package, but we’re talking about tiny little drops, here. It’s hard to gauge how much you need to put in or how hard you should squeeze. (On my first go I’m pretty sure I added three doses to my drink, oops! ) That said, this has possibilities. You could totally use it to make a weed punchbowl for a party.

Stoneover? Kinda? But in all fairness I probably tripled the dose.

BLNCD’s Brain Boost Sparkling Hibiscus Punch

About: “A magical elixir that harnesses the alchemy of cannabinoids, terpenes, and mushrooms to take your spirits higher and unleash your limitless potential.”

Where I got it: The folks at BLNCD sent me a few cans to try, but their beverages can be found all over the Twin Cities. A four-pack on their website goes for $22. 

Flavor: The can says the flavor is hibiscus punch. I’m not really getting any floral notes though. The flavor could be considered punch-y, though I would say it tastes more like artificial cherry.  

Blast-off time: About 15 minutes.

Experience: Just like when I tried the Zen Blend version of this drink, I didn’t notice any obvious perks from the adaptogens. I get the gentle buzz of the THC, but don’t necessarily notice any bonus moodlets. For the Brain Boost variety, I tried doing some mentally challenging activities. I did a crossword puzzle, I read some financing articles, and I ordered some new charging cords for my phone. I didn’t notice any extra power to my head meat, but I did enjoy the drink and I was able to complete those tasks without any THC fogginess.

Stoneover? No. I intentionally tried this midday so I wouldn’t confuse side effects with sleepiness. The buzz lasted a little over an hour.

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