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We Come to This Friday Open Thread to Talk About Movies

Hey Viraluae readers! It's your turn to talk about whatever you want.

Photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash

In case nobody's told you, it's Friday, and Viraluae regulars know what that means. [Pauses, waits for everyone to shout "OPEN THREAD!!!" with delight.] That's right, Open Thread!

Soon as I finish this post up, I'm sneaking out of the Viraluae (virtual) office to go watch a three-hour Turkish movie at MSPIFF. And then off to the Palace to see Waxahatchee tonight.

Between writing this roundup and seeing whatever I can at the festival (I took last night off to just chill at home, and it was not a bad decision!) I've definitely had movies on the brain for the past couple weeks. So here's the inevitable Open Thread prompt: What have you watched lately, Viraluae readers? What are some of your all time faves? What theaters or streaming services do you prefer?

Or you can ignore this prompt and talk about whatever you want. This is your open thread after all.

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