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There’s More to Rocktober Than Rock in Your Complete Concert Calendar: Oct. 3-9

Pretty much all the live music you can catch in the Twin Cities this week.

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Fatoumata Diawara, yeule

Ah, Rocktober! Too narrow a word, actually, to take in the different kinds of great music you can experience live this week. Does Fatoumata Diawara rock? Does yeule? Do you? Yes, Viraluae reader, you surely do rock.

Tuesday, October 3

International Reggae All Stars @ Bunkers

  • The Handsome Family with Paul Fonfara @ Cedar Cultural CenterI’ll admit it—like a lot of musical acts I fell for 20-plus years back, I haven’t been keeping up with the husband-wife team of Brett and Rennie Sparks much recently. I should have been! Their 2016 album Unseen is a bit doleful even by their melancholy standards, but tell me, exactly how lively were you that wonderful year, pal? For evidence that Rennie’s pen is as sharp as ever, check out this stanza from “Good Old Days”: “There was no time or space/When I was growing up/We had summer all winter/The moon rose with the sun/And music sounded better/We recorded on rings of ice/And as the songs turned to water/We couldn't help but cry.” And Brett’s stolid baritone hasn’t exorcized a single ghost that haunts it. The Sparkses’ 11th studio album, Hollow, out later this week, offers even more spectral but wittily grotesque Americana. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the Handsomes, you might recognize “Far From Any Road,” which served as the theme song for True Detective. And if you don’t trust me, well, Phoebe Bridgers covered “So Much Wine” last Christmastime, and you think she’s pretty cool, right?

Andy McKee @ Dakota

St. Dominic's Trio @ Driftwood

Karaoke With On Call Entertainment @ Eagles 34

The Brook & The Bluff with Bendigo Fletcher @ Fine Line

Saliva and Drowning Pool with Adelitas Way and Any Given Sin @ First Avenue

Kevin Gamble Trio @ Green Room

Coco Canary (EP Release) with James Samimi Farr @ Icehouse

Bill Simenson Orchestra @ Jazz Central

PG-13: Peter Gabriel Afterparty @ KJ's Hideaway

Bluewater Kings Showcase @ Minnesota Music Cafe

DJ Vegan Water @ Palmer's

  • Rodney Crowell with Laurel Lewis @ ParkwayRodney Crowell was Americana before the marketers had a term for it, working in the craftsmanlike tradition of Texas forebears like Guy Clark and joining Emmylou Harris on the road. But he's no country outsider: He also spent his '80s learning to score with Nashville country-pop, both as Rosanne Cash's collaborator/husband and on his own, and in the years since he's written hits for Tim McGraw and Keith Urban. Now 73, he's out to prove he knows his way around a song on The Chicago Sessions, produced by (why not?) Jeff Tweedy. The album gathers up the committed heartbreak of "Loving You Is the Only Way to Fly" (originally written for the TV show Nashville), the gun shy "Lovers Out of Friends" (co-written with the great Ashley McBryde), and Townes Van Zandt's desperate "No Place to Fall." But maybe Crowell's greatest achievement on the new album is writing about a love that doesn't end badly: The source of the happiness expressed on "Lucky" may not literally be Claudia Church, his wife of 25 years, but "Oh Miss Claudia" certainly is.

Jack Botts with Ben Camden and Ben Goldsmith @ 7th St Entry

Industrial Strength with DJ Sin @ Terminal Bar

Worker’s Playtime with David Stoddard @ 331 Club

October Conspiracy Series featuring the Ya Ya Boys @ 331 Club

Cut Worms with Ryder the Eagle @ Turf Club

Two Steppin’ Tuesdays feat. Sammie Jean Cohen, David von Schlegell @ White Squirrel

Whispered the Rabbit Tuesday Residency w. The Handsome Traveler, Gently Gently, The Old Smugglers @ White Squirrel

Peter Gabriel @ Xcel Energy Center

Wednesday, October 4

Dehd with Sarah Grace White @ Amsterdam

MN Songwriter Showcase hosted by Nick Hensley @ Aster Cafe

Dylan Salfer @ Bunkers

Vintage Crop, Dummy, Kapital, Miracle Debt @ Cloudland

Maggie's Wednesdays: Leslie Vincent @ Crooners

Bobby Rush @ Dakota

Sargasso @ Driftwood

Brynn Batanni, Missing Tone Circuit, Turbo Pastel @ Driftwood

Miss Shannon's Swing Night @ Eagles 34

Miss Myra and the Moonshiners @ Eagles 34

Cannibal Corpse and Mayhem @ Fillmore

Samantha Fish with Eric Johanson @ Fine Line

Matt and Kim with Pkew Pkew Pkew @ First Avenue

The Runaway Grooms, Twine @ Hook and Ladder

Dream of the Wild with White Line Darko @ KJ's Hideaway

Craig Clark Band @ Minnesota Music Cafe

Werewolf by Night: Music in Concert @ Orchestra Hall

Pat Metheny @ Ordway

slowdive with Drab Majesty @ Palace Theatre

Bad Idea vs. Arson Class @ Palmer's

Open Decks @ ROK Music Lounge

King Kustom & the Kruisers @ Schooner Tavern

Kate Bollinger with Sam Burton @ 7th St Entry

Harold’s House Party on KFAI with Jackie Daniels @ 331 Club

Generationals with mmeadows @ Turf Club

Neon Trees @ Varsity

Lars-Erik Larson & The 2nd Stringers @ White Squirrel

Loretta Lynn Tribute Night @ White Squirrel

Thursday, October 5

DJ Vegan Water @ Acadia

Slow Pulp with Babehoven @ Amsterdam

Michael Sodnik @ Aster Cafe

Jay Bee & the Routine @ Bunkers

  • Fatoumata Diawara @ Cedar Cultural CenterYou've gotta be a real jerk not to get something out of the Wassoulou singing tradition. A West African musical style dominated by women with expansive voices grounded in strength, their upper registers honed to a keen edge that suggests pain kept in abeyance, Wassoulou music has spread through the world over the past 30 years, with the unrivaled Oumou Sangare its greatest champion. Born in Mali, based in France (a hardly unusual sitch for West African performers), Diawara has been the most prominent practitioner of the style on the touring circuit since she made a splash with Fatou in 2011. Her latest, London Ko disrupts her music's circular rhythms with some more linear urban beats and stocks up on mostly superfluous guests—nothing against Damon Albarn or Angie Stone, but I won't miss them at the Cedar. Live, she'll fill the room with a voice that'll make you proud to be a human.

Buio Omega, Night Witch, In Lieu, Lack @ Cloudland

Gregg Inhofer: Tribute To Fallen Heroes @ Crooners

Natania and Ticket To Brasil: A Tribute To Antonio Carlos Jobim @ Crooners

Jordan Johnston and The Elevation @ Crooners

Pieta Brown @ Dakota

Tango @ Driftwood

The Grippy Socks @ Driftwood

Karaoke with On Call Entertainment @ Eagles 34

LGBTQ+ Twin Cities Latin Dance @ Eagles 34

Sour Guts ⏤ Olivia Rodrigo Dance Party @ Fine Line

Sturniolo Triplets @ First Avenue

Worriers with Kali Masi @ The Garage

Jest, Valors, Water Dog @ Green Room

Resonant Rogues and Steam Machine @ Hook and Ladder

Derecho Rhythm Section @ Icehouse

Dream of the Wild with Sabyre Rae Band @ KJ's Hideaway

Young Relics @ Minnesota Music Cafe

Dirty Lowdown Fools @ Minnesota Music Cafe

Sammy Rae & The Friends with Kiss the Tiger @ Palace Theatre

Bootsy Ballin @ Palmer's

Joe Roberto's Poverty Hash @ Palmer's

Corzine & Zaq Baker, The Aftergreens, Rachael Bearinger @ ROK Music Lounge

Cosmo's Factory @ Schooner Tavern

Trousdale with Anna Vaus @ 7th St Entry

CloZee @ Skyway Theatre

Celtic Thunder Odyssey @ State Theatre

Northeast Invitational @ 331 Club

Activity with ahem and JØUR @ Turf Club

Neckbolt, Big Chomp @ White Rock Lounge

Tiny Daggers with Zombies, Mean Magic @ White Squirrel

Friday, October 6

Devon Worley Band (Album Release) and Banshee Clothing Line Reveal @ Amsterdam

Martin Devaney + Faith Boblett @ Aster Cafe

The Good, the Bad & the Funky @ Bunkers

Kommuna Lux with Di Bayke @ Cedar Cultural Center

Nate Coles & the Blue Diamond Band, Lifestyle Shakes, Pill Cutter, Car Sliders @ Cloudland

Elaine Dame @ Crooners

Erin Schwab and Jay Fuchs: Ladies of the 80’s @ Crooners

Maggie's Afterglow: Emily Green and Chris Lomheim @ Crooners

GZA and the Funk Nomads @ Dakota

2 1/2 Brains @ Driftwood

Hater's Club, Street Hassle @ Driftwood

All Women's Dance Party @ Eagles 34

Twin Cities 7 @ Eagles 34

  • Margaret Glaspy with Tasha @ Fine LineWhile Margaret Glaspy's songs are sharply crafted and recorded vocals up-front, like a regular singer-songwriter, her guitar work is what sells them, Her playing is quietly virtuosic without her ever merely showing off, with a fancy chord tossed in occasionally not to keep you on your toes so much as to gently inflect the melody. On her latest Echo the Diamond, she's stripped away the synths that sometimes marred Devotion, reverting back to the sparer sound of Emotions and Math. Highlights include the ecstatically infatuated "Act Natural" and its ingenious bent-string riff, the proud, angry, chugging "Female Brain," and "Irish Goodbye," about a woman who ducks out on a guy who falls for her way too fast.

Vacations and Last Dinosaurs with Eliza McLamb @ First Avenue

Salsa Del Soul @ Granada

Products Band (Album Release), Fenix Dion, Keep for Cheap @ Green Room

“Horn-ucopia” Fall Funk Fest @ Hook and Ladder

Tim Sparks Trio @ Icehouse

Sleeping Jesus (Single/Video Release) with The Get Together and Gabacho @ Icehouse

Will Kjeer Trio @ Jazz Central

Maurice Jacox @ KJ's Hideaway

The Vintagers @ KJ's Hideaway

Memba @ The Loft

Kijanna @ Minnesota Music Cafe

Cult of Lip (Album Release) @ Mortimer's

Ben Folds @ Orchestra Hall

TopHouse with Craig Paquette @ Palmer's

Sammie Jean Cohen, D.C. Leonhardt and Ponyfolk @ Palmer's

The Robert Cray Band @ Pantages Theatre

Luddgang @ Pilllar

MODWOP Collective @ ROK Music Lounge

Chris Farren with GUPPY and Gay Meat @ 7th St Entry

Craig Clark Band @ Schooner Tavern

Jo Koy @ Target Center

The Roundabouts, Jason O'Dell @ Terminal Bar

FLOWTUS, Leslie, Getting By @ 331 Club

  • Ratboys with Free Range @ Turf Club—I was glad to see the glowing Pitchfork review of The Window, the just-released new Ratboys album, deployed the exact phrase that had been bouncing around my head: This is a level-up record. The twangy Chicago indie-rock band had already dropped four serviceable LPs, though this Chris Walla-produced effort unlocked something special. Vocally, singer-songwriter Julia Steiner is a dead ringer for Kerry Alexander of local group Bad Bad Hats, and she spends all 48 minutes of The Window bouncing between tender ache and melodious wail; her skillful, riffy, and increasingly muscular band is tighter than ever throughout.

Possessed by Paul James with Placaters @ Uptown VFW

Salsa Brava @ Uptown VFW

Barns Courtney @ Varsity

Octoberfest @ White Rock Lounge

The Matt Arthur Contraption with Todd Partridge @ White Squirrel

Saturday, October 7

Maude Latour with Devon Again @ Amsterdam

The Band Camino with Bad Suns and THE WLDLFE @ Armory

Scott Zosel @ Aster Cafe

The Good, the Bad & the Funky @ Bunkers

Novalima with Radio Pocho @ Cedar Cultural Center

5 Cent Reality, Tiny Traces, the Plushies @ Cloudland

The Birthday Club: Dan Chouinard and Prudence Johnson @ Crooners

Kathleen Johnson’s Kat Band Project @ Crooners

Maggie's Afterglow: Vicky Mountain and Chris Lomheim @ Crooners

Dee Dee Bridgewater & Bill Charlap @ Dakota

Not Quite Dead, Strolling Clones @ Driftwood

Good Trouble and Friends @ Driftwood

The Jazz Outlaws with King Baron @ Dusty's

Funk n Spuds, Pandelion, Efmi @ Eagles 34

Thank You GeorgeTown @ Eagles 34

KennyHoopla with Groupthink and Surly Grrly @ Fine Line

Low Cut Connie with Matthew Logan Vasquez and Mik Cool @ First Avenue

  • Jonathan Richman @ Fitzgerald TheaterAs Richman has aged from unlikely trailblazer to eternally boyish institution, you can forget how crucial an influence he's been. Oodles of indie rockers might never have thought to rip off the Velvet Underground without his example, and, not exactly paradoxically, he also made it cool (or at least "cool") for sensitive souls to bare their soft, twee underbellies. His setlist seems to flit about through his career these days, though mainstays like "That Summer Feeling" and "I Was Dancing at the Lesbian Bar" pop up regularly. He'll be joined by longtime collaborator Tommy Larkins on the drums.

Peter Mayer @ Ginkgo Coffee

The Von Tramps, Cindy Lawson, The Carnegies @ Green Room

Amerigrass @ Hook and Ladder

Molly Brandt with Eric Carranza @ Icehouse

Dave Hause and the Mermaid (Album Release) with Tim Hause @ Icehouse

Power Puff @ Icehouse

Jazz Flux @ Jazz Central

Playtime Trio with Steve Kenny Quartet @ KJ's Hideaway

The Original Westside Band @ Minnesota Music Cafe

Cole Diamond with Redwing Blackbird & Jeffrey Robert Larson @ Mortimer's

Ben Folds @ Orchestra Hall

So Long Patio 2023 @ Palmer's

Ray Gun Youth @ Pilllar

John Roy + After Party @ ROK Music Lounge

Your Disco Needs You ⏤ A Kylie Minogue Dance Party with Lady Cummeal Cassadine and Cariño @ 7th St Entry

Jack Knife & the Sharps @ Schooner Tavern

Crankdat @ Skyway Theatre

Temptress @ Studio B

  • Wu Tang Clan, Nas, De La Soul @ Target CenterWhy are arenas flooded with rock nostalgia tours while middle-aged rappers tend to get consigned to state fairs and clubs? You’d think fifty-somethings would have the disposable income to make tours like this an inevitability, but even when they do happen they’re not guaranteed attendance. Which is especially odd when you consider that tickets for this show start at $24, which is like three bucks a Wu member. While members have had their differences over the years, Staten Island’s finest kung fu rapper collective puts on a surprisingly un-chaotic live show when they’re in the mood. Nas will never quite recover from the misfortune of beginning his career with an all-time classic rap album, but on his King’s Disease and Magic series of albums, he’s demonstrated those qualities that rap cherishes in a veteran—he enjoys rapping and he rarely embarasses himself. (I contend that the sometimes clumsier and always more adventurous albums he released in the era that preceded his ascent to elder statesman are more interesting—and often better—but that’s a topic for another day.) Catching openers De La Soul will be bittersweet—our first time to see the Native Tongues crew since their music hit streaming services, but also the first since the death of Dave “Trugoy” Jolicoeur in March.

Mean Magic, Dirty Pretty, Hayley Ann @ Terminal Bar

Ice Climber, Orthe, Linus @ 331 Club

Buffalo Nichols with Mary Cutrufello @ Turf Club

  • Stokley @ Uptown TheaterTo quote Sean McPherson: "Mint Condition (RIP) and their individual members are an underappreciated part of the Minnesota music scene. Is a big part of this racism? Absolutely! We have a gold-selling R&B band that hails from St. Paul and is revered the world over for their live performances and songcraft. And besides a cover story (legit work from Peter Scholtes) I bet they were mentioned in City Pages 1/2 to 2/3 as often as many bands with vastly smaller fanbases and national profiles. Even to this day Stokley shows up on records with the likes of Robert Glasper, Nate Smith, and other rising stars in the world of forward-thinking Black music without getting the love he should be from local media."

An Evening with Sweet Stache @ Uptown VFW

Discoproof with DJ Rowsheen & DJ TNA @ Uptown VFW

Adekunie Gold @ Varsity Theater

Rosie Castano @ White Squirrel

Ear Candy: A Live Electronic Music Series @ White Squirrel

Muun Bato with Erik’s Iridescent Tent, LYXE @ White Squirrel

Sunday, October 8

Lauren Sanderson with poutyface @ Amsterdam

Swing Brunch with Patty & the Buttons @ Aster Cafe

Boots and Needles + Debbie Briggs @ Aster Cafe

Dr. Mambo’s Combo @ Bunkers

The Small Glories, Newberry & Verch @ Cedar Cultural Center

Jens Lindemann: Rhapsody and the Blues @ Crooners

Red Hot Django Peppers @ Crooners

Mick Sterling and the Stud Brothers @ Crooners

Southside Aces @ Dakota

Phine Friends, Shotgun Ragtime @ Driftwood

Blue Canyon @ Eagles 34

Rogue Tango @ Eagles 34

Twin Cities Country Dancers @ Eagles 34

Karaoke with Reina Starr @ Eagles 34

Clannad @ Fitzgerald Theater

Shrimp Olympics (Album Release) with Rupert Angleyes, Larry Wish @ Green Room

Red Hot Django Peppers @ Icehouse

Bre Kennedy with Sarah Walk @ Icehouse

Church of Cornbread: Cornbread Harris and His Band @ Palmer's

Poor Nobody's with Chris Hepola @ Palmer's

Momentary Lapse of Floyd @ Parkway

Stephanie Was @ ROK Music Lounge

Krooked Kings with Caleb Dee @ 7th St Entry

Emmy Woods & The Red Pine Ramblers @ 331 Club

Brass Messengers @ 331 Club

Emarosa with The Dangerous Summer and First and Forever @ Turf Club

French Cassettes & Immaterial Possession @ Underground Music Venue

VNV Nation @ Varsity

Caitlin Robertson & Alex Sandberg with Ian Alexy @ White Squirrel

St. Paul Songwriter Rounds @ White Squirrel

Monday, October 9

Lucia Micarelli & Leo Amuedo @ Dakota

Tango Desperados Practilonga @ Eagles 34

Other Country Ensemble @ Eagles 34

Twin Cities Queer Contra Dancing @ Eagles 34

  • yeule with SASAMI @ Fine LineSaying someone's lyrics reflect their online experience seems a little redundant in 2023, like pointing out that they use electricity. Still, some do explore their cyber-consciousness more thoroughly than others, and "multiverse entity"/"dissociate self" yeule is among them. On their new album, Softscars, titles like "Sulky Baby," "Software Update," and "Cyber Meat" tell more than half the story, and the femme chirp in which yeule delivers imagery like "the rottеn flesh of my own carcass" tells you most of the rest. The internet has welshed on its promise to allow us to transcend the gross prisons of our material bodies, hence all the not-exactly-mixed metaphors about sex and wounds and lines like "God created man, motherboard, wires and/Blood, bones, flesh, breathing, suicide engineering." But there's some guitar to keep digital non-natives oriented—a little art-rock here, a little grunge there, a little (how could there not be) pop-punk too. And all in all, these are ultimately just catchy songs about being miserable, a form of expression that existed long before DARPAnet was a gleam in the military industrial complex's all-seeing eye.


RiFFs: Jazz and Comedy @ Jazz Central

Auto-Tune Karaoke @ Mortimer’s

Cowaoke with Ben Moooker @ Palmer's

Scowl with Militarie Gun, Big Laugh and Prize Horse @ 7th St Entry

Open Mic @ Terminal Bar

Juliana Hatfield with On Being an Angel and DJ Jake Rudh @ Turf Club

The Roe Family Singers @ 331 Club

Matt Arthur Contraption @ 331 Club

Mumblin’ Drew’s Oldfangled Orchestrators Monthly Residency @ White Squirrel

SNAILMATE with Ice Climber, Mary Jam @ White Squirrel

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