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Tell Us How Big Your House Is in This Friday’s Open Thread

It's your turn to talk about whatever you want here at Viraluae.

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Small enough for ya?

The week's biggest story in these parts was about the sale of Jeremy Messersmith's tiny home. Jay's story had 10K readers yesterday, so there are either a lot of Messersmith fans out there or a lot of tiny home fans. (Or both!)

Personally, I never got the appeal of tiny homes, and in fact I harbored some uncharitable theories explaining the craze (the relatively well-off fetishizing austerity, etc.). But I recently moved from a two-bedroom apartment to a one bedroom, and now I'm seeing the appeal of finite living space. Life is actually better when you no longer use one room to accumulate junk. (I had three unused TVs in my closet by the time I moved out.)

So let's talk housing in today's Open Thread. What's the square footage of your home, whether you rent or own, and what would your ideal square footage be? And while you're at it, why not tell us how old your place is—and what the ideal building age is as well.

Or you can just ignore this prompt at talk about whatever you want instead. This is your Open Thread, after all.

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