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Pride and Whole Lot More in Your Complete Concert Calendar: June 25-July 1

Pretty much all the music you can catch in the Twin Cities this week.

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Adrianne Lenker, Blu Bone

Lotta great shows this weekend! Plenty of Pride events, of course—check this week's Event Horizon for a wider selection. But also some truly stacked local bills. Summer's here!

Tuesday, June 25

Karaoke @ Acadia

Duck Bomb @ Bryant Square Park

International Reggae All Stars @ Bunkers

Shannon Wetzel @ Dark Horse

St. Dominic's Trio @ Driftwood

Karaoke With On Call Entertainment @ Eagles 34

Toredoria, Despondent, Andrew Jansen, Riddle M @ Eagles 34

Small Animal Hospital, Fighting Spirit, and Lovescare @ Father Hennepin Park

Mystery Skulls with Snowblood and Thorne @ Fine Line

Tricksy (June Residency) Disney Night @ Green Room

Twin Cities Latin Jazz Orchestra @ Jazz Central

Dirty Shorts Brass Band @ Minnesota Music Cafe

Irish Trad Session @ Padraigs

Taj Farrant with Jazel Farrant and Nathan Bryce & Loaded Dice @ Parkway

Creeping Charlie @ Peavey Plaza

Hayes Noble, Unstable Shapes, Only Time, Daisycutter @ Pilllar Forum

Artist Showcase hosted by Open Mic MPLS @ Sociable Cider Werks

Barely Trev (Album Release) with Chase Elliott, rosie, and Izek Rose @ 7th St Entry

Industrial Strength with DJ Sin @ Terminal Bar

Worker’s Playtime: John Louis @ 331 Club

June Conspiracy Series featuring Paul Lawrence, Emmy Woods & The Red Pine Ramblers @ 331 Club

Connie Evingson, Joan Griffith, & Mary Louise Knutson @ The Woman's Club of Minneapolis

Wednesday, June 26

Byte Night @ Acadia

Alex Meffert Quartet @ Berlin

Dylan Salfer @ Bunkers

Neon Dark (EP Release) @ Can Can Wonderland

The Hi Jivers, the 241s @ Cloudland

The Gospel According to Elvis @ Crooners

Steve Kenny Quartet & Le Percheron @ Crooners

Django Festival Allstars @ Dakota

Miss Shannon's Swing Night @ Eagles 34

Paddy and the Buttons @ Eagles 34

Jessica Vines with Fredrick, the First, and Hiahli @ Green Room

Supersuckers with the Rumours, DNF, DJ Lori Barbero, DJ Truckstache @ Hook and Ladder

Bluedog @ Lake Harriet Bandshell

Nolen Sellwood @ Landmark Center

Cole Diamond @ Marjorie McNeely Conservatory

Maurice Jacox and the We Still R Band @ Minnesota Music Cafe

The Mortiholics @ Mortimer's

The Matt Arthur Contraption @ Palmer's

Ghosting Merit, Admiral Fox, Dilly Dally Alley @ Pilllar Forum

RuDe Girl @ Schooner Tavern

PACKS with creeping charlie @ 7th St Entry

Harold’s House Party on KFAI with Mumblin' Drew and Todd Albright @ 331 Club

Gregg Cheech Hall @ 331 Club

Glitterfox with Wild Lyre @ Turf Club

The Used @ Uptown Theater

Sarah Morris and the Sometimes Guys @ White Squirrel

Nights With Tim @ White Squirrel

Thursday, June 27

Sole2dotz @ Acadia

Tres Elements @ Berlin

Violet Replacement @ Berlin

Heavy for the Hawk @ Bryant Square Park

Jaybee & the Routine @ Bunkers

Cheap Bouquet, Zaq Baker, Virginia's Basement, Mary Jam @ Cloudland

Sweet Rhubarb @ The Commons

Omar Abdulkarim Quartet @ Crooners

David Martin's ReLit Digital @ Crooners

The Super Tramps @ Crooners

Live From Laurel Canyon @ Dakota

Sammie Jean Cohen, Gardenstreet, Eldest Daughter @ Day Block Brewing

LGBTQ+ Twin Cities Latin Dance @ Eagles 34

Karaoke With On-Call Entertainment @ Eagles 34

J-Mo on the Beat @ Eagles 34

Brent Cobb with Martin McDaniel @ Fine Line

Candlelight: Best of Hip-Hop on Strings @ Granada

Pride Party at The Hook with Venus DeMars & ATPH, Big Salt, Spit Takes, & Transcendence Cabaret @ Hook and Ladder

Kevin Gamble Trio @ Icehouse

Bok Choy @ Jazz Central

Lindsay Pedalty @ Mancini's

The Scarlet Goodbye with the Cole Allen Band @ Mears Park

Jasper String Quartet and Bill Eddins @ Metronome Brewery

Pavel Jany & Global Jazz Trio @ Minnehaha Falls

Mary Elias's Young Relics, the Smiling Cowboys @ Minnesota Music Cafe

June Jam @ Modist Brewing

The Front Porch Swingin' Liquor Pigs @ Palmer's

Scott Allen & the List, the Alleged Blues Band @ Schooner Tavern

Kaleta & Super Yamba Band with Kelvino and DJ Goldyrocks (of Black Market Brass) @ 7th St Entry

MAKR N ERIS @ Surly Brewing

Minneapolis Songwriter Rounds: Mike Lee, Brady James, Jared McCloud, Monica Synstelien, Rita Kovtun (Ritka) @ 331 Club

Pallbearer with REZN and The Keening @ Turf Club

Alec Shaw @ Underground Music Venue

Moustache Jim Presents: Theology (FERAL DANCE) + Sunshine Emblem + Chandler @ Uptown VFW

Skilla Baby & Rob49 @ Varsity Theater

The Snozberries with The Haws @ White Squirrel

Friday, June 28

Beautiful Bones @ Acadia

EMO NIGHT featuring Quarter Life Crisis with Joey Bonner @ Amsterdam

Bryson Tiller with DJ Nitrane & Slum Tiller @ Armory

Fever Field @ Aster Cafe

Housewerk: Yasmeenah & Neil Fox @ Beast Barbecue

Josh Granowski/Dean Granros @ Berlin

Will Kjeer Trio @ Berlin

Some Shitty Cover Band @ Bunkers

Sounds of Summer Variety Show @ Cedar Cultural Center

Leek Though, Mayyadda, N3rD4King @ Caydence Records & Coffee

WPK Trio Plays McBride, Mehldau, and Yellowjackets @ Crooners

Best of Billie and Me Too with Thomasina Petrus @ Crooners

Eat a Feat: The Music of the Allman Brothers and Little Feat @ Crooners

Maggie's Afterglow: Colleen Raye with Rick Carlson @ Crooners

Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper @ Dakota

Verdin Brothers, Aune Mire, Big Blue Moon @ Eagles 34

More Deep End @ Eagles 34

Miss Shannon's 4th Friday Sock Hop Featuring the Tinglers @ Eagles 34

The Living Tombstone with Qbomb @ Fine Line

Sugar Factory, Anna Devine, Heartfelt @ 50th & France

The Klituation Pride Party @ First Avenue

Mary Bue @ The Freehouse

Stone Ark, In Solid Air, Self Titled @ The Garage

The Smallweeds @ Ginkgo Coffee

  • Trash Date (Album Release) with Pictoria Vark, Fend @ Green RoomThere's a lot of excitement about Trash Date's debut album, I Tried to Save the World..., and there should be. Guitars are moody and strummy, with enough distortion to match the lyrics' prickly emotions, and all three members take lead vocals on their respective songs. Pictoria Vark (who I believe is based in Chicago these days—every story I read about her places her somewhere different) muses over romantic and other difficulties with quiet intelligence on her most recent album, The Parts I Dread. And Fend, who I wrote about here, are reluctant to call themselves "emo," so how about calling their music earnest, sometimes exasperated, and, well emotional rock with tunes a-plenty? Helluva lineup!

Walker Brothers Band @ Herbie's on the Park

Steeling Dan @ Hook and Ladder

Tommy Boynton and Ted Godbout @ Jazz Central

MN Sinfonia @ Lake Harriet Bandshell

TC Jazz Workshop Student Showcase @ Metronome Brewing

Bok Choy @ Metronome Brewing

Land O' Dixie Rented Mules Band @ Minnehaha Falls

Surface @ Minnesota Music Cafe

Banda el Recodo y la Adictiva @ Myth Live

Shredding Flannel @ Padraigs Brewing

  • Some Kinda Fun Summer Party @ Palmer'sIf you don't know, Some Kinda Fun is a local music-centered podcast, and tonight they're bringing some of their past guests to the stage: Whiskey Rock ‘n’ Roll Club, the Goo Goo Mucks, Cindy Lawson, the Silverteens, and the Silent Treatment. A fun and very Palmer's-y lineup, hosted by SKF co-host "Front Row Paul" Engebretson.

Ihavenoloveformenlikeyou, Jenny matrix, adomania, burrow @ Pilllar Forum

Xana with DEZI @ 7th St Entry

Jiggs Lee Invasion @ Schooner Tavern

PRØGRAMM [Vol. 1 Ep. 9] 1-Year Anniversary @ 612_Underground

Ghengar, HE$H, Phiso @ Skyway Theatre

Amos Lee @ State Theatre

Pretty Pretty Please, The Aftergreens, and Yuhhh @ Terminal Bar

McKain Lakey, Lake Davi @ 331 Club

The Koffin Kats with Cheap Bouquet and Time Room @ Turf Club

The Losing Hope (EP Release) @ Underground Music Venue

Milkshake 2000s Dance Party @ Uptown VFW

The Dandy Warhols @ Varsity Theater

Erin Schwab: The Divine Miss E @ The Woman's Club of Minneapolis

Menstrual Tramps, Virgin Whores, Bad Idea @ White Rock Lounge

Midwest Death Fest @ White Rock Lounge

The Collaboratory 4th Fridays @ White Squirrel

  • Wish Wash (Album Release), Loser Magnet (EP Release), Curve, Trash Catties @ Zhora DarlingWhat a local rock lineup. Headliners Wish Wash are releasing their first album tonight, and the lead single, "Chowderhead," is a riffy promise of good things to come. Loser Magnet has a new EP out, but unfortunately this will be their last show. I wrote about them here, which makes me wonder: Has the Poised to Pop curse begun? I've only given Curve's self-titled a casual listen, but it's grungy and catchy enough to make me want to pay closer attention. And the reliable "garbage pop" duo Trash Catties round out the bill.

Saturday, June 29

King Caesar @ Acadia

Jason Achilles & Immortal Girlfriend with Blow the FM Radio and Close to Toast @ Amsterdam

St. Anthony Mann with Hazelcreak @ Aster Cafe

Bailo, Ookay, Trickstar @ Bar Fly

Pat Keen/Patrick Horigan @ Berlin

Grain Trio (Kevin Gastonguay/JT Bates/Zacc Harris) @ Berlin

Dan Ristrom & the Big Throwdown @ Bunkers

Michael Sparks @ Cabooze

Obi @ Caydence Records & Coffee

Partial Traces, Fresh, Night Dangers, the Briefly Famous @ Cloudland

Pride and Joy Starring Doug Anderson & Lori Dokken @ Crooners

Kenni Holmen Up Front @ Crooners

Eat a Feat: The Music of the Allman Brothers and Little Feat @ Crooners

Maggie's Afterglow: Colleen Raye and Rick Carlson @ Crooners

Stanley Jordan @ Dakota

Loon Booster, Mariana Rose, Oceanographer @ Dusty's

GAG: Eagle Mpls Pride @ Eagle MPLS

din-din (Vinyl Release) with Products Band, Disappear Forever, and Lifestyle Shakes @ Eagles 34

Nemesissy, Melifara, Chris & Derek of the Stabotuers @ Eagles 34

GRRRL SCOUT Stoplight Party @ Fillmore

  • Ms. Boogie and Blu Bone with Jaynsane, Destiny Spike, and Jada-Amina @ Fine LineLike so many contemporary Black musicians, in Minnesota and elsewhere, Blu Bone operates at the unclassifiable nexus of hip-hop, R&B, and dance music. (If you’re unfamiliar with him, start with his remarkable single “Wicked Womb.”) And the oft-body-painted artist’s now-annual event, which started at Public Functionary two years ago, is just as beyond category. “In the Black Mississippian lexicon,” the artist explained to Carbon Sound, “high cotton means the highest quality and the highest pleasure,” and that means seeking out quality and pleasure in music, performance art, and fashion. This year Blu’s bringing in Brooklyn rapper Ms. Boogie to round out a lineup that features Jaynsane, Destiny Spike, Jada-Amina, and the hi concept behind Hi Cotton is “expressions of indigeneity.” For a hint at what that might mean, there are examples of what they were looking for here.

Flip Phone Pride XXL ft. Morphine Love Dion and Mhi’ya Iman Le’Paige @ First Avenue

Little Feat with Duane Betts & Palmetto Motel @ Fitzgerald Theater

Part Time Ex's @ Gambit Brewing

The Tolerables, Death of the Heron, Peech, Good Trouble @ The Garage

Amplitude ft. Enigma Dubz, Pushloop, Apparation, Eylxr @ Granada

Jackson Peters and Nate Baker @ Herbie's on the Park

Hamell on Trial with Ruth Theodore @ Hook and Ladder

Joey Arias @ Icehouse

Michael Gold Quartet @ Jazz Central

Bensley, Justin Hawkes, Kumarion @ The Loft

Minneapolis Pops @ Lake Harriet Bandshell

Jasper String Quartet with the Havana Quartet @ Metronome Brewing

Will Aldrich Quintet @ Metronome Brewing

Funktion Junction @ Minnesota Music Cafe

DJ Jeannie Retelle @ Modist Brewing

Glow'n Color @ Myth Live

Ben Platt with Brandy Clark @ Orpheum Theatre

Honeymoon Madness @ Padraigs Brewing

Future Islands with Ed Schrader’s Music Beat @ Palace Theatre

Maxx Band @ Papa Legba Lounge

Infuriate, Oath, Disembodied Humanity, Anarky, Jenkem, Ice Everlasting @ Pilllar Forum


Lena & the Lovekills @ Schooner Tavern

Killed By Kiwis (EP Release) with OISTER BOY, Mystery Meat and NATL PARK SRVC @ 7th St Entry

  • Sound Garden @ Silverwood ParkThis ain’t no “Black Hole Sun” kinda party. Billed as "a concert you can move through," the Sound Garden first sprouted up six years ago in St. Anthony’s Silverwood Park. More than 50 speakers are installed around the island, each playing an individual part of a single piece of music by composer JG Everest. (The selection is from his four-part work Water Suite: Four Seasonal Sound Gardens.) There will also be dancers and poetry and visual art and other miscellaneous sorts of merriment, and the park itself, located on Silver Lake, is reason enough to swing by on a nice day.
  • Adrianne Lenker @ State TheatreThe folk-rock songwriting powers of Lenker, who is low-key one of us, need to be studied in some sort of laboratory. As her killer band Big Thief churns out albums at a prolific pace, the frontwoman maintains a blistering solo career—four Lenker albums since 2018, including last year’s Bright Future, in addition to three BT LPs during that span. Incredible stuff. I won’t razzle/dazzle you with hifalutin rock critic verbiage on her staggeringly emotional, impressionistic lyricism, which draws heavily on the natural world, channeling through her almost mythical-sounding voice, though I certainly could. (You have to believe me!) Instead, just watch this intimate performance from inside a castle and attend the damn State Theatre shows.—Jay Boller

Cobi @ Studio B

Valors, The Sex Rays, Lighter Co. @ Terminal Bar

Petty Treason’s Big Queer Burlesque Bonanza @ Turf Club

Bakermiller Pink Band, d’Lakes, Jonger @ 331 Club

Little Fevers, Val Son, Goatroper @ 331 Club

DecaDance @ Uptown VFW

Not Your Baby with The Thirst Giants, Chris Cashin @ White Squirrel

Mik Cool with Electric Church, Serpents of Serenity @ White Squirrel

Saturdays are Instrumental with Big Trouble @ White Squirrel

LGBTQ+ Pride Dance feat. DJ Shannon Blowtorch @ The Woman's Club of Minneapolis

James Eugene Russell, Anchorhead @ Zhora Darling

Sunday, June 30

Swing Brunch with Patty & the Buttons @ Aster Cafe

Pride Parade Party @ Bar Fly

Dosh & Friends with Goulden Balls (Mark Erickson and Jeff Ham) @ Berlin

Dan Ristrom & the Big Throwdown @ Bunkers

Pride Disco Block Party with Daddy Issues @ The Butcher's Tale

Squirm, Sunsets Over Flowers, The Chalk Boys, Glencircle @ Caydence Records & Coffee

Minnesota Boychoir Concert @ Crooners

Larry McDonough Performs “Conversations with Bill Evans” @ Crooners

Adi Yeshaya Jazz Orchestra Featuring Jennifer Grimm @ Crooners

The Belfast Cowboys @ Dakota

Phine Friends, Shotgun Ragtime @ Driftwood

TC Ramblers @ Eagles 34

Roz Prickel, Misery Love Company, Loose Rooster @ Eagles 34

Karaoke with Reina Starr @ Eagles 34

Twin Cities Country Dancers @ Eagles 34

The Church and The Afghan Whigs with Ed Harcourt @ First Avenue

Vinny Franco and the Love Channel, Marvelous, Taylor Seaberg @ Green Room

Tracy Bonham @ Icehouse

Minneapolis Brass Ensemble @ Lake Harriet Bandshell

Minneapolis Pops @ Lake Harriet Bandshell

Flowtus and Oceanographer @ Metronome

Musique Mania III: Battle of the Bands: Minnesota Music Cafe

The Knotties with Covergirl Hot 100 + Skii Club @ Mortimer's

SBDF 2024 @ Myth Live

Church of Cornbread @ Palmer's

Music Jam @ Schooner Tavern

Casino Night: Appolis and Maddman (Album Release) with Twin City Tone, Tae Supreme, Shorty 4 and more! @ 7th St Entry

Suldaan Seeraar + Kiin Jamac @ Skyway Theatre

Private Oates @ Surly Brewing

Gabriella Sweet @ 331 Club

Becky Kapell and The Fat 6 @ 331 Club

Molly Brandt, Katy Tessman and the Turnbuckles, Emily Haavik, and The International Treasures @ Turf Club

Northlane @ Varsity Theater

Witness with Ungratedful Little String Band, Whispered the Rabbit @ White Squirrel

Monday, July 1

Meatraffle Ska @ Acadia

Casey O'Brien with Ted Godbout + Pete Hennig @ Berlin

T. Mychael Rambo Presents: Summer Breeze @ Dakota

Tango Desperados Practilonga @ Eagles 34

Square Dancing @ Eagles 34

Mike Kota (July Residency) with Lana Leone & Walker River @ Green Room

David Feily presents Mike Salow Fusion Trio & Room 3 Jazz @ Icehouse

Lost Marbles @ Lake Harriet Bandshell

Sit-In Performance Series @ Metronome

Auto-Tune Karaoke @ Mortimer’s

Cindy Lawson and Linnea's Garden @ Palmer's

Cowaoke with Ben Moooker @ Palmer's

Open Mic Night @ Sociable Cider Werks

Open Mic @ Terminal Bar

Soul Trouvere @ 331 Club

Roe Family Singers @ 331 Club

How Long Gone @ Turf Club

Murphy Smith @ Water Works

Khasm, Orson Welles, Nekrotisk, Dread, Kalot @ White Rock Lounge

The Dans @ White Squirrel

Open Mic Fiasco with Lori Dokken and Dane Stauffer @ The Woman's Club of Minneapolis

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