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OK, Let’s Talk About Rain on This Friday’s Open Thread

As we do every Friday, we're turning Viraluae over to you, the readers.

Nathan Dumleo via Unsplash

Weather! It's the weakest topic of conversation, reserved for when you're stuck talking to a stranger and don't know anything about sports.

And yet, this rain really is something else. Most areas of Minnesota have received 50% more rain than usual. So far, 2024 is among the top ten wettest starts to the year since 1871. If the droughts of previous summers were concerning, so is the flooding up north and down in Mankato.

So, do you have plans for dealing with extreme weather in the future? Or, on a lighter note, do you have any favorite rainy day activities for the summer (especially if you have kids)? Or even any fun rain stories to share?

I'll start us off with a childhood rain anecdote that's also seasonally appropriate. When I was 8, it rained on the Fourth of July, so my family went to see The Jungle Book and then to a diner, where I ordered halibut. (Why did the diner have halibut? Who can say?) It was a lovely day but I was tired and cranky and when we got home I threw a tantrum. "We didn't even get to see fireworks! This is the worst Fourth of July ever!" I shouted before being sent to my room.

(My therapist and I have discussed why this is such a formative memory for me but that's a topic for another day.)

Then again, you can also just ignore this prompt and talk about whatever you want. This is your Open Thread, after all.

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