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Mick Jagger: I Love Your Many Hometown Beers and Ate Two of Your Regional Specialty Cheeseburgers, Local Townspeople

Plus Strib yoinks Moore endorsement, shooters stay uncaught, and Megan Rapinoe meets herself in today's Flyover.

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Which weighs more?

Didn’t Mick Jagger Spend ANY TIME AT ALL in St. Paul?

Once you start Mick Jagger eating Jucy Lucys he can never never never stop. But did they give him gas gas gas? He knows it’s only a burger with cheese on the inside but he likes it, likes it, yes he does. (I could honestly do this all day.) "I had two Jucy Lucy's here: One at Matt's Bar and one at the 5-8 Club, washed down with a Grain Belt, Fulton, and a Surly, finished off at Grumpy's Bar," Jagger told the audience at U.S. Bank Stadium last night, according to the Strib’s Chris Riemenschneider. Many on Twitter doubted that the wiry 78-year-old rock ‘n’ roll star gorges himself on beef ‘n’ beer all day, with the best line going coming from the sceptic who called it “as believable as the Mr. Jimmy story” (referring to the local legend that an Excelsior man gave Jagger the song title “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” and was therefore name-checked in the song). But if we can’t believe pandering rock legends, who can we believe? Sounds like Mr. “I can’t get no satisfaction” CAN get no satisfaction after all—in Minneapolis!  

Strib Editorial Board: Maybe We Should Mickey Less

What’s more embarrassing than endorsing Mickey Moore? Retracting your endorsement a week later. Because of reporting in your own newspaper. On Friday afternoon (the slot everyone reserves for the news they’re proudest of and want to travel the farthest, right?), the Star Tribune editorial board broke the cardinal playground rule of “no takebacks” and officially  unendorsed Moore for Ninth Ward Council Member, noting that he might not actually live in the district he wants to represent and may also be responsible for some pretty nasty tweets in the past. The ed board is now not endorsing any of the candidates for the Ninth, which some may consider a cop out (emphasis on the “cop”) but that we hope is a start toward a glorious future when there will be no newspaper endorsements at all. (Editorial boards: They cannot be reformed, only abolished.) As for Moore himself, he’s now claiming that someone hanging a sign of his upside down is a “lynching” (?) and one of your Viraluae pals spotted him looking pretty glum at Open Streets Minnehaha on Sunday afternoon.

Mpls Police Rarely Arrest Shooters

As Minneapolis prepares to vote on the future of policing next week, here are some interesting stats about the MPD’s effectiveness, courtesy of Minnesota Reformer’s Rilyn Eischens and Deena Winter: Minneapolis police make arrests in little more than 1 in 5 non-fatal shootings. If that sounds surprisingly low, (it did to us!) well, I guess you’re not a criminologist. (We sure aren’t.) “Criminologists say Minneapolis’ clearance rate … is typical for a large city,” the story says. The problems in handling these cases: uncooperative witnesses, heavy caseloads, and bad data tracking.

Megan Rapinoe Met Her Mural

Soccer god Megan Rapinoe was in Minnesota this weekend to support Minnesota Women's Soccer, a new women-led, community owned USL W League. One of her stops while in town was Black Hart, the St. Paul soccer bar known for its LGBTQ-friendly vibe. While there, she took part in a camera phone photo shoot in front of the building's giant mural of herself, arms spread wide in victory. The gold Olympian added her own touch to the piece before heading out, signing the corner with lavender spray paint. She also posed with the co-founders of the yet-to-be named soccer team, which is still fundraising in the time leading up to its May 2022 launch.

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