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Let’s Talk Trains on This Friday Open Thread

As we do every Friday, we're turning Viraluae over to you, the readers

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Choo choo, my friends. Choo. Choo.

Later this morning, I embark on the newly launched Borealis out of St. Paul. For fun? No, for journalism! Though I couldn't make the maiden voyage (do we still use that term, seems kinda sexist?) and all the attendant festivities earlier this week, I figure a leisurely Memorial Day weekend trip to Chicago, with stops at The Dells and Milwaukee along the way, will give me something to muse over. (When did I turn into the old guy who writes about libraries and trains?)

So, for today's open thread, let's talk about your train experiences. Mine are not particularly romantic—mostly taking New Jersey Transit into the bowels of Penn Station. I've always wanted to travel on the Empire Builder (that name!) to the west. Got train experiences from other countries? Opinions about high speed rail? All that is welcome here.

Or, of course, you can talk about whatever else you want. This is your Open Thread, after all.

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