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Let’s Talk About Sports on This Friday’s Open Thread

Once again, it's your turn to talk about whatever you want here at Viraluae.

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Well, they’re having another Super Bowl this weekend, so I figured I’d make this week’s Open Thread somehow sports-related. I’m personally not much of a football guy; in fact, though I was super into baseball when I was younger (a common thread among many music critics my age or older), I kinda got out of the habit and live a largely sports-free life now. (Not a point of pride or shame, just stating the facts.)

But even if you’re like me, you’ve probably got something to say on the topic. Remember 2018, the year we militarized downtown Minneapolis to make it safe for Super Bowl visitors, but it was so damn cold no one left their hotels? Or perhaps you have some Super Bowl counterprogramming traditions? (Always a good time to go grocery shopping.) Or maybe you’re just like, “Hell yeah, it’s about time Viraluae talked about football!”

Of course, you can ignore this prompt entirely and just talk about whatever you want. This is your open thread, of course. 

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