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Let’s Jinx Spring by Talking About the Nice Weather on This Friday’s Open Thread

As we do each Friday, we're turning Viraluae over to you, the readers.

Mark Olsen via Unsplash|

Birds and flowers are commonly associated with spring.

"How about that weather?" he asked blandly. Yes, I know "It's nice out!" is a pretty weak conversation opener, but come on—it's nice out!

I will spend the first nice weekend of spring as I traditionally do: sitting in a dark theater at the film festival. That's just how things time out, y'know? (Did you read my MSPIFF primer? I think you should, but of course I'd think that.)

And the rest of you? What delightful warm weather activities have you got planned?

Or feel free to ignore this prompt and talk about whatever you want instead. This is your Open Thread, after all.

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