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Let’s Decide What Really Is ‘The Restaurant Capital of Minnesota’ in This Friday’s Open Thread

Photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash

We all had a few laughs this week when Explore Maple Grove anointed that outer-ring suburb "the restaurant capital of Minnesota"—and then tried to justify that decision by listing a whole mess of chains you can find anywhere.

So, just for fun this Friday, let's ask: What is the restaurant capital of Minnesota? For the sake of this discussion, we're ruling out Minneapolis and St. Paul, and yeah, Duluth as well, just to be fair. What suburbs and small towns punch above their weight when it comes to eating out?

Just to get the discussion going, let me nominate... Brooklyn Center. Have I eaten in enough BC joints to make this assertion? Not really! But I did have lunch a few years back at Jambo Africa, a tasty Kenyan-Liberian spot (a real "only in Minnesota" fusion there) and there are plenty of other African places I want to try in the area. If you have any tips, let's hear 'em.

Or feel free to ignore this prompt and talk about whatever you want. This is your Open Thread, after all.

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