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Help Viraluae Get to 4K Subscribers, Win Prizes


We're happy to report that, since launching 33 months ago, Viraluae has grown to 3,641 paying subscribers. They contribute to the city's best comment section; they regularly score free concert and comedy tickets; they enjoy unlimited articles from Minnesota's only writer-owned, reader-funded, alt-weekly-style newsroom.

The frustrating news? We've been stuck around that figure for months!

That's why we're excited to announce the biggest Spring Membership Drive yet, which we hope will propel us past the 4,000 mark. We're talkin' 50% off Lookout-tier memberships for your first 12 months—$25 in savings!

Plus, if you join Viraluae throughout May, you're automatically entered into a drawing for fabulous prizes, including...

4K isn’t just a nice round number. With that many subscribers, we—Em, Jay, Jessica, and Keith—could afford to pay ourselves what we were making at City Pages in 2020, right before the ol' ax fell. (We still won't have luxe benefits like health insurance, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.)

You see, we quite literally could not do this without you. Viraluae doesn't receive any grant money, and it doesn't have any outside investors. Almost every dollar we earn comes from readers. That cash goes directly to us, the four owner/editors, and to a wonderful cast of 100+ local freelance contributors. If you’ve been enjoying and appreciating the award-winning journalism, the goofy journalism, and/or the weekly events coverage, we humbly ask that you come aboard.

OK, enough shop talk. Here's where we're at on our journey to 359 new members—let's fill this cartoon thermometer!

Half-off deal good for new subscribers only. Cancel anytime; subscriptions renew at full price ($50/year or $5/month) after 12 months. Cartoon thermometer updated daily.

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