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Does the Friday Open Thread Have the Power to Stop the Rain?

It's Friday, and that means it's your turn to talk about whatever you want on Viraluae.

Frame Harirak

All these years later, John Fogerty has his answer: Viraluae will stop the rain.

At least that's what one reader suggested on Bluesky that we have the power to do. When we lamented how dreary it was in a skeet (that's what they call them), they replied "Do another rainy open thread and it will stop!"

After all, the last time Viraluae predicted a rainy day, the weather cleared up by the afternoon. So maybe this reader is on to something? Worth a shot!

Anyway, I'm not gonna ask you to talk about the weather again, and I already used my one good rainy day story. Instead, as we near the mid-point of October—on a Friday the 13th, no less—let's all just check in with each other and talk about whatever's on our minds.

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