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Change Is Underway at Malcolm Yards Market

As some other food halls struggle, this Prospect Park market appears to be thriving.

Bryan Frank

The Market at Malcolm Yards is approaching its two-year anniversary, meaning we're also approaching the two-year anniversary of the time I criticized their bike parking situation. They've since rectified the lack of bike racks, and I have very little else to complain about! The restaurants and vibes are both solid, and it's seemingly always crowded. Many of its tenants are growing, and fast—more on that if you scroll to the bottom of this story.

As the market's second birthday draws near, there are some changes in the works. Advellum, the veggie-heavy (but not vegetarian or vegan) eatery we enjoyed upon our first visit, will close August 20. It's for a good reason: They're looking to open their own brick-'n'-mortar in the Twin Cities. “We knew opening Advellum at Malcolm Yards was going to be our springboard into entrepreneurship, and it has done just that,” Michael Shaughnessy, the veggie eatery's co-owner, said in a statement. You better believe we've reached out to them for more info.

Joey Meatballs, the pasta concept that once led us to ask, "Who is Joey Meatballs?" has also left, and their statement says they're re-focusing energy on "other projects." JM's related Salad Slayer concepts in Rosedale Center and the Minneapolis skyway remain open, according to their website, as does hit pizza parlor OG ZaZa in Rosedale Center.

There's good news there too, though: Bagu, the sushi and Thai food stall at Malcolm Yards, has moved to the former Joey Meatballs space, giving them the chance to expand their menu. No word what's taking over Advellum's space yet, or Bagu's, for that matter, though the market is teasing a "new and exciting concept" that'll open this fall.

As for the other vendors? Still kickin'! Thriving, in fact. Since the market opened last year, there's been lots of news from its remaining vendors, including:

TMAMY's success as both a restaurant incubator and dining destination makes it something of an outlier, food-hall-wise. Take the suit over loan non-payment at Keg & Case in St. Paul, or consider the number of empty tables you'll see on any given night at food halls like the North Loop Galley. Meanwhile Malcolm Yards just came it at No. 5 on USA Today's reader choice list of the nation's best food halls, and there were not a lot of open seats during my last visit.

The Market At Malcolm Yards
501 30th Ave. SE, Minneapolis
Sunday-Thursday: 11 a.m.-9 p.m., Friday & Saturday: 11 a.m.-10 p.m.

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